The Right Priority

If you had to choose one priority in your life – I’m guessing you’d have a hard time.

We all want lots of different things: good health, financial freedom, success in whatever matters to us, a great social life, love, passion, recreation, travel, family, career and more. But as soon as you start to make one aspect more important, something else you want is going to suffer. Juggling multiple priorities becomes itself a significant part of the demands on your life.

So how can you give yourself the best shot at meeting all your priorities in a fulfilling way? Continue reading

UPW Launches in London! Hear an exclusive interview with Tony Robbins

With Unleash the Power Within launching in London today, UK personality Angie Greaves talks with Tony about the program and how he manages to appeal to his new and returning attendees. Continue reading

Paths to Success


There are many ways to reach your goal, the main thing is to keep the goal in sight while on your path to success. Which path are you on?

Attitude is Everything for Success


When you realise it is time to change things about your life, it will be the time you make a definite decision on the steps you want to take. On doing this, it is especially important to be mindful of your attitude when you make those changes. A lot is also dependent on your ability to be proactive and to be clear. Continue reading

What Business are you really in?

What Business are you really in?

When commencing business ventures, many start off with business ideas that usually revolve around a demand for a particular product or service. Many CEOs and enthusiastic entrepreneurs may not look further than to ensure business success revolves around turning a profit. But what if that is what separates you from good to great? What if this single somewhat capitalistic vision, is not enough in the current world where competition is fierce and tightening budgets of your customers determine whether you succeed or fail? Continue reading

Tony Robbins and his Stance on Immersion

One of Tony’s main teaching philosophies is immersion. To immerse yourself when learning new skills or changing habits will produce the results. In the humorous Kobe series, watch how Tony’s immersion advice slightly backfires!


Tony Robbins & Sir Richard Branson learn how to reach new levels of success

In the Kobe series watch how Sir Richard Branson (and Tony Robbins as his seminar buddy) learn what they can do to reach new levels of success. Tell us how you can step it up!

Larry King Interviews Tony Robbins

Although this interview is from a couple of years ago, the content is still very relevant to today’s economic climate. Hear the positive steps Tony suggests to survive a tough economy.


How Tony Robbins Prepares for his Events

For his high energy events such as Unleash The Power Within, Tony needs to keep his audience engaged for around 50 hours. In order to do this, he performs certain rituals to get himself into peak condition prior to going on stage. Read more on what he does…


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